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Conversations - Limitations for New Registered Members


Captain Nice
Staff member
Recently, it came up that some newer registered members can not send other people Personal Messages (can not start "Personal Conversations").

To explain - In the old vBulletin forums there was a "mod" (what Xenforo calls an "add-on") which could be used to set certain restrictions on various functions people could use. There is no Xenforo equivalent, so I have had to play with the software a bit as I am learning it.

In the "old" days, there was a limitation on anyone who registered - They could not send others what in vB were called Personal/Private Messages until they had posted at least 10 posts. The Xenforo equivalent is "Conversations".

Why the Limitation: Years ago we found that many people would register and Spam various members using the Personal/Private Messaging system/function. Because Moderators and Admins have no idea who was Spamming people using Personal Messages, we found out this was happening through people Reporting (even PMs have a Report link). So, quite a few years ago the decision was made to not allow PMs (and "Live Links" in posts, too) until a new registered member had posted at least 10 posts.

I know the limitation is restrictive. I think I have found a way to set a 5 post minimum before someone can start a "Private Conversation" with others using "User Group Promotions".

If you have 6 or more posts you should be able to "Start a New Personal Conversation". If you can not, remember People CAN set their preferences to not accept any Personal Messages. But if you believe there is a problem, let me know. Everyone receives a "Welcome Personal Message" - You can reply in that, or you can start a new thread and report your problem here: Elsmar Cove Forum Suggestions, Complaints, Problems and Bug Reports

Please remember - If anyone does "Start" a Personal Conversation with you and you think it is spam, abusive or in ay way a problem, there is a Report link. Please use it.



Captain Nice
Staff member
As a reminder - Everyone who registers gets a "Personal Conversation" message from me. If you need/want to start a Personal Conversation with someone and you have not posted 5 posts or more, go to that Welcome "Personal Conversation" and let me know there who you want to connect with.

John C. Abnet

I can certainly understand and appreciate the need for some restrictions Mark. In my case, I believe I was able to send private messages in the past...(I am at 61 posts). The error I receive is not specific to an individual. When I click on "start a new private conversation", I receive this message...
"You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."

(By the way. You are the one I've been trying to message. I wanted to thank you for the handling of the 'Yukon" situation. That same individual was a cancer on the QFO forum site and had publicly and personally attacked some of the moderators. Very glad to see that he is no longer on that particular forum).
Be well.


Captain Nice
Staff member
Try now private messaging/start "conversation" now, John, to make sure it works for you. For some reason your user status didn't update with post count.


Starting to get Involved
Hi Marc.

Please could you check my permissions. I have not been on here too much recently as the Regulatory world has kept me buried but I have posted a few times over the past few months and would like to be able to private message.
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