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Conversion of coordinate dimension holes to position dimension


This is asif need to know..... how to convert the coordinate (X,Y) dimension of different holes to position dimension. (basic dimension)...????



Cari Spears

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Hi, fisa.

Are you trying to use your X,Y actual measurements to determine if you are within your true position tolerance?
Or are you trying to convert your X,Y tolerance on a drawing to a true position tolerance?


i want to convert X,Y tolerance on a drawing to a true position tolerance ..for make functional gauges of the holes locations
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A Sea of Statistics
please share the drawing, my gut reaction is that the "part", (thus far an unknown), must be treated as a complete functioning part, can we assume GD&T or functional dimensioning is required, converting X Y to GD&T should be approached from how the part functions in the final product.....only in specific cases should X Y tolerancing be used i.e., TO SPECIFY RADII, CHAMFERS, ETC.
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