COP (Customer Oriented Process) for Market Analysis

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COP for Market Analysis

Our company currently does business mainly with Honda, I would like to see a copy of someones COP for Market Analysis. Can anyone give me some ideas?

One Day At A Time

COP for Market Analysis

Does anyone have an example of a COP for market analysis that you could share with me?


The way I look at COP is that it is a process, whereby input is from customers (internal and external) , and the output is the satisfaction of customer and fulfillment of requirements.

Input ---> Process ---> Output.

Sometimes, i do use the SIPOC model to understand the COP. As for the market analysis COP, few things you can look at are:

Input : Benchmarking, vocie of customer, QFD, service report, competitor analysis, etc

Process : The analysis itself, trend analysis, report & data gathering, survey, internal / external studies..etc

Output : The feasibility report, design and development report, product / market needs report, etc
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