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Corporate Manual - Global Multi-Site ISO9001:2015 Certification

My organization is global with all sites being ISO9001:2008 certified. I've been tasked with implementing 1 quality assurance program globally. I was thinking of setting it up with a corporate manual to define the purpose of 1 global quality program and then defining the organization (Of course their will be site-level processes and procedures/work instructions that will be maintained at each location):
4.0 Context of the Organization
Defined globally of the organization
5.0 Leadership
Quality Policy
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Organizational Chart (Titles only)
Strategic Direction
6.0 Planning
Change Management Procedure
Site-Level Risk/Opportunity Matrix
Corporate KPI's identified
7.0 Support
Corporate procedures for Document Control, Nonconformity, Audits, and Performance Reviews
8.0 Operation
Site-level processes identified
Site-level work instructions
9.0 Performance Evaluation
Conducted at site-level
Conducted at corporate level
10.0 Improvement
Conducted at site-level
Conducted at corporate level
Am I on the right track?
Thanks for the help!
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