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Could somebody clearify for me the main advantages/disadvantages of certifying to QS-9000 as either a corporate scheme or certifying each site independently. In particular, how should I interpret the condition that the quality system must be centrally structured and managed? Does this imply that the Level I and II documents must be identical for each site with a corporate scheme, since I believe there is only one document review for this type of certification? How about a comparison of typical costs for a company with a corporate division and two manufacturing facilities located accross the country from each other.


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I would first check out this thread:

While it is kinda long and it is in regard to ISO9001 multi-site registrations, it is a good general discussion of multi-site registrations.

My personal opinion is a site by site registration. But you have to look at everything. As in FedEx's case, there can be a significant cost factor. Motorola's semi-conductor sector did QS9000 - all facilities on one certificate.

After you've read the thread, come back to this thread and ask your remaining questions. I'll try to answer them.

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