Corrective Action for Discrepancy - Where to start and how to document


Vash Stampede

Hello everyone,

Right now we are in the process of documenting all of our discrepancies into the 8D format, however I have some concerns that may soon affect our system. Last week, our server was down and then our IT group tweak on some of the parts on the network.

My concern(s):
1. How are we going to document this discrepancy?
2. Where are we going to start?
3. On what particular element does the IT group belongs?
4. Do we still need a procedure for designing the network? and How?

Please advice.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Vash Stampede

Al Dyer


1: Is this really a discrepancy or part of the acceptable norms when administering a computer network? We all know that the network is going to take a walk sooner or later so could we think of running this through a continuous improvement project?

2: See above.

3: In my experience the network is used to control data and documents. We have always included the network system under element 4.5.

4: Designing the network should not call for a stand alone procedure but could be run through some type of project management/continuous improvement system.

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Fully vaccinated are you?
I agree with Al's response. But - what is the role of IT/IS in your company? For example, some companies have work instructions online so if the system goes down it's a manufacturing problem and as such I would classify an unscheduled down 'event' of any 'significant' length of time as a nonconformance. But if only 'non-critical' documents are on the server and the down time is not very long I wouldn't seee that as reason to classify the down time as a non-conformance.

Just a few thoughts.
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