Corrective Action for External Audit NCMR (Procedure Not Followed)



Had our external audit and I received an ncr for nonconforming product in a quarantine area not being identified with a red tag. Our QPM states that all nonconforming product will have a red tag for identification. An issue, for the nonconforming product, was found with the parts while they were at our suppliers warehouse (painting). they were shipped back. once it was received our ENG began reviewing the product so he did not feel the need to issue a red tag.

my question is if I change our QPM to say something like "all product must be identified with a red tag with the exception that product is being reviewed for disposition" would that suffice for a corrective action?

also was thinking of holding a training session for those employees that would be involved in this.

would both of these work as a corrective action?

not sure how else I could approach a corrective action for this


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Re: Corrective Action for NCMR

Not much detail in what looks like a complex situation...

If the parts were found to be non-conforming while at the painter...then they were no-conforming. (or were they?)

If they were non conforming, they get red tagged per your documented procedure.

What ENG thinks about what to do with them is immaterial...they are non-conforming, so they get tagged as such.

When a decision of what to do with them is made...then they go into that process.

That sounds like the simplest approach to me.

CA: Put a red tag on the stuff, and figure out why someone thought that the act of "reviewing the product" stopped the product from being non-conforming when it was already determined as such.
One can review just as well with a red tag on it as one can without a red tag.

Am I missing something pertinent?

Sidney Vianna

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Re: Corrective Action for External Audit NCMR

not sure how else I could approach a corrective action for this
The intent of the ISO 9001 standard is to prevent the misuse of a nonconforming product and place suspect parts on hold until they are dispositioned.

It seems to me that, if you are already physically placing the suspect and nonconforming parts in a segregated/quarantine area, the red tags are redundant at that stage.

Seems to me that the easiest fix here is to revise your QPM to say something like
all non conforming or suspect products must be identified with a red tag and/or placed inside the quarantine area

Good luck.
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thank you, that's what I was thinking but was not entirely sure. Really appreciate your help on this!


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I agree with Sidney. First question would be what is the purpose of the red tag. If it's not required, remove the requirement completely. If it is for identification change the procedure to reflect that nc product will be segregated. Provided your product is still traceable that should do it. If on th other hand it is not always possible to locate nc products in your quarantine area, add the red tag clause.

Hope this helps.

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Dear friends,
i think if SOP call for Red tag then it must avialble on the non confirming product .
Till NC product kept in quarantine area, how you will track the product. The tag will ensure the product no. details of dates,manufacturing shift ,main is what is NC. if you have such recording system in Quarantine area then okay else it is good to have red tag on it.
ANd if you are so confident then update the procedure for the same but ensure that information should be get collected as mentioned above.
This is my view .
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