Corrective Action Request (CAR) Form Examples and Discussion


Greg Mack

I would like to know what some people are using in the way of forms to capture Corrective/Preventive Actions.

We use to use a "CAR" Corrective Action Request, and have modified it to become an "Issue Notification". The one problem is that most staff see this form for "issues" only - ie. Corrective Action.

Are there any different types of forms that others use to promote both corrective AND preventive action?

I look forward to your replies.

Jim Biz

I'd be interested to see these forms as well.

We tried a simple - "Combo" type form - Used a box checkoff to identify what the form was addressing Cor/Prevent/ Non-Com only but it did not work well for us.

Frankly IMHO would suggest you keep them separate.

We found it to easy to confuse the issues when reported on one from format. What happened was both Corrective and Preventative went un-reported because of the confusion....not only when filling out the form and deciding what was Corrective - what was Preventative - but in explaining how we handled and recorded the info to our external auditor.


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Dan Larsen

I've used a single form successfully. I use a check off box and then allow the PA's to remain open provided the person responsible for tracking gets a monthly report of progress. It seems to work.

The real issue is defining what's corrective and what's preventive. That can be difficult whether you have one system or two.

I tend to use the CPAR form as a cover and collector form for any information relating to the project. In many cases, a section on the form may say "Refer to attached documentation".

I've also seen "preventive action" documented within a "continuous improvement" system. The system documents meeting minutes and any documentation (notes, letters, etc.) associated with the project.

Al Dyer


I have sent you a form that combines CA/PA and addresses systemic process concerns. The form is straight forward and can be edited. (Word)


George Trybulski

Oh Boy,
Hear I go ! I have a CAR/MRR (corrective action request /material review report) database that was made in access. Has all the bells and whistles for the whole shebang including a report. I will probably be bombarded by you people, but a copy may be available.

wally dniprenko

Hi George,
I would also like to see it.

wally d

wally dniprenko

Hi Greg,
I'm sending you the form that we use, CA/PA that we call a CIAR (Continuous Improvement Action Request). It's a bilingual, French and English, Word 97 doc that's editable.
With effort and some training we are getting results. The important factor is training and management buy-in.
Good luck,


wally d
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