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Hi, we receive a corrective action from our CB for a minor NC. I know the due date for immediate action, root cause investigation, evidence of implementation and verification of effectiveness is 60 days. The finding is that we were not doing layered process audits per one of the CSRs. We think this will take more than 60 days to properly implement. My past experience with our CB is that they will not accept a milestone plan. In other words, the CA must be fully implemented by the deadline. Is this still the case?

Howard Atkins

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From the rules

5.11.3 Certification body responsibility
In exceptional case{s} where the implementation of corrective actions cannot be completed within a maximum of ninety {90} calendar days from the closing meeting of the site audit, the certification body shall consider the nonconformity open but 100% resolved when the following conditions have been met:
a} containment of the condition to prevent risk to the customer has been taken, including a review of the systemic impact on the client's process;
b} documented evidence of an acceptable action plan, instructions, and records to demonstrate the elimination of the nonconfomiity condition, including a review of the systemic impact on the client's process;
c} scheduled onsite special audit based on the accepted action plan and prior to the next audit {see section 7.2};
d} in situations where 100% resolution has been determined, the certification body shall maintain records of the justification-

This is exactly the solution for you.
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