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Corrective & Preventive Database




I'm looking for recommendations for aCorrective/Preventive Actions database. We are now using a Approach database we have created. We would like to see what others are using to track their Corrective/Preventive action requests in their system.



I've written them in Filemaker - much like Access - but I really don't have any 'user time' with any so I personally can't help. Companies I work with run everything from tailored solutions for LotusNotes to standard 'canned' software.

Are you looking for something better than the database you wrote internally?
We use an access database developed in house. This allows you to customize the database to fit your needs and to make changes as needed. Access provides all the tools needed for tracking corrective action due dates, and properly documenting corrective actions.


Does Access have any 'facility' for escallation or can you program a 'bell' or 'notice' when a reaction is over due?
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