Cost involved for the transition of 9001:2000 to 9001:2008




Recently we finished our external audit and certified for one more year and today i came to know that 9001:2008 standard was released.

I wanted to know that how we have to do the transition to the new standard, are we suppose to go for gap analysis again or the consulting firm will inform us what to do?

Is it mandatory to go for the transition or voluntary?

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No, ISO 9001:2008 does not include new requirements.
You're good to go. :agree1:

Check the threads dealing with this very topic.


Ajit Basrur

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Hi Viren,

The changes in ISO 9001:2008 are primarily clarifications that are intended to provide clarity and thus improve understanding of the existing (ISO 9001:2000) requirements. Therefore your efforts would be very less towards ISO 9001:2008. :D


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How are we defining 'transition' here. If changes in ISO 9001:2008 are primarily clarifications, all there is is a new certificate stating 2008, correct?
Pretty much. We will "look" for inclusion of the new "verbage" as required or as necessary, but because there is nothing "new" for the most part we'll just see changes in the certificates.....I've already done one (as a test of sorts against the FDIS) and the client had to change not one thing. We'll get them squared away at my next visit in Mar '09

I think most of us (CB types that is) will probably be doing the same thing more or less.


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I sat in on a number of audits yearly and as early as April, I noticed that the lead auditors (3rd party) would normally explain this issue at the opening meetings. Issues such as what this new standard is about, how it may affect you and so on. Of course, the explanations become more detail as we moved closer to the date. I think there's no confusion but things may be handled differently in different areas.