Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) in the Hotel Industry


Prashant Hoskote

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I need desperate help.
I would like information on Cost of Poor Quality in the Hotel Industry. More specifically, what kind of cost heads would fall as poor quality costs in a 500 bed five star hotel? What would fall under Internal Failure Costs, Extrenal Failure Costs, Appraisal Costs, Prevention Costs?


Geoff Cotton

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Perhaps this forum should 'brainstorm' the Cost of Quality model for you.

Have you drawn up a Process Map or any sort of Customer Needs Map?



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Just to start things off:

Apprasial costs would probably include:
Checks folks do to ensure the maids have made up the room properly (you folks do sample checks, don't you?

Prevention costs would probably include:
Quality Planning such as path for registration and getting folks to their rooms.

Internal Failure costs would probably include:
Rework (room made up wrong - not enough towels, no soap, no fruit, etc.)
Process failures such as clerk forgets to turn phone on, no bell-person available to carry luggage or other similar error. Some may be a perception issue.

External Failure costs would probably include:
Complaint adjustments
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