Could an Accountant be a PPAP team leader ?




again, inexplicable behavior from the management of my company, the management assigned an accountant to lead the PPAP team

We in Quality assurance tried to explain to the management that the PPAP team leader must be an engineer, but they responded back that the appointed person is APAP certified and he has a great knowledge of PPAP processes and can lead the team

first, is that decision possible? & how can we convince the management that this is wrong decision to be taken?

Thank you in advance


management sometimes make funny decisions, no mistake about that.

That aside, I can't see a problem with an Accountant (or an Engineer / a Cleaner or anyone else) being the team leader provided that they:
- have the necessary experience
- have the authority to call upon the right people for the right tasks
- keep the team in check and make sure the project's hitting the deadlines

Good luck!
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