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Me. too

Bill Ryan said:

(Is it my computer or is anyone else seeing the "slows" with the Cove today??)


For sure. I'm also getting "timed out" messages from our proxy server. We have high speed connection and it is still very slow. Sometimes, "refresh" speeds it up. But not often. I just go back to work and try again later. If I were home with my 56K modem, forget it. Later. :bigwave: At least you're talking to me!:biglaugh:
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I regularly access the Cove from home, via a 56K modem, and guess what? It works just as well (or bad) as cable here at work at the moment.

Conclusion: The Cove is s-l-o-o-o-w at the moment, regardless of your local equipment. Let's hope it picks up speed again, soon. At least it seems a wee bit better today.



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Bill Ryan said:

Is it my computer or is anyone else seeing the "slows" with the Cove today??
I haven't had much time to spend here lately, but I may 'disconnect' the stats script recently added and restrict it to moderators. It is a VERY cpu intensive script and may be the reason. If lots of people use that script, it can seriously bog down the server.

I'll leave it up for another week and try to monitor it. I'm not sure if that's the cause, but it may be.

I just returned from Miami and it's running very fast right now. Last night it was unbelieveably slow from a 56K dial-up in Miami. Almost unusable.
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I noticed that even when I was the only user "in action" (That happens sometimes when you're asleep across the pond), the connection was still very poor, so unless that script is running in the background all the time, I don't think it is the cause.

Anyway, right now the Cove is running at a very brisk clip indeed, so all is well at the moment. Vrooom :D

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