Covegratulations to BevD - 15,000 Karma points and a silver star


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It is my honor to congratulate Bev D on earning her Silver Star and 15,000 Karma points.

So many of us, it's easy to give our opinions or cite a particular requirement. However, the valued members who work in the statistics forums often dedicate so much time and effort to those posts helping people. I am proficient enough in Statistics to know a pro when I see one, and to be able to appreciate the knowledge and expertise of our Cove experts. Too, they are such behind the scenes servants, their posts and work so often go unnoticed as the threads they help with don't have a lot of posts. They are so good at answering the questions, they don't stay in the top queue very long.

Bev, thank you, and congratulations! :applause:
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