CQA plus RAB training = QSLA status?

barb butrym

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CQA plus RAB training=?????

The local ASQ chair tells me that something new is happening.....RAB now says that a 3 day training with the CQA will get you QSLA status..Have heard nothing of the sort from anywhere else...seems odd, as they offered that years ago (1994?) for a shot time then pulled it as not good enough...My thought is that he is confused and maybe the Internal auditor thing is raising its head again? Any comments? Has anyone else heard that? He is actually setting up the course to have the section offer it...but until we see some news release I tend to disagree.

Bryon C Simmons

News to me......

I would think that, given the advancements and increased experience levels of lots of people in the last 4 or 5 years, that if this did indeed happen, there would be lots of Lead Auditors running around.....the volume of CQA's has increased dramatically in the last few years..I am supposing due to the QS/ISO phenomenon....everybody wants a piece of the registration pie. Of course, having been through the traditional Lead Assessor course myself, I would think they would be hard pressed to cram into three days, what was crammed into five. CQA Body of Knowledge doesnt get into ISO/QS too much....you would still need to understand the standards, otherwise, the issue of conflicting interpretations will rear its ugly head mouch more...

Maybe I am way off base....slap me if I am...


Roger Eastin

Where in this requirement is the experience base for QS-LA? I know the book work is important, but there is nothing like being a Lead Auditor to teach one something about real life as an auditor!!! I think it would be a huge step backwards to eliminate the experience portion of the requirement. I hope this person is wrong about this change to the requirement.

barb butrym

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I agree....i think it takes away from the hard work and experience it takes to get there....bad move. But on a positive note...I have had no feed back from my request for the backround info on his request to prepare a course.
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