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CQI-15 for ultrasonic welding splices on wiring harness, is applicable?

Hello world

in the latest IATF surveillance audit, the auditor leave us a minor NC because our customer Denso's CSR say that their suppliers shall use the CQI-15 assessment for ultrasonic welding processes.
We produce wiring harnesses, and there is a process of ultrasonic welding for the wires, to join 3 or more copper wires in one splice.
Now I'm reading the CQI-15 document but I have the feeling that it's not addressed to our process (copper wires) but to the metal production.
Anyone have experience or advices??


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During my work for cable harness manufacturer for automotive, I have never experienced such subject raised by the auditor. I am not familiar with CQI-15, but can only suggest that if you have sound justification, you can turn to the customer and ask for exemption for cable ultrasound splicing. You can suggest using IPC standard instead.
The following excerpt is taken from CQI-15's scope "All requirements of the WSA (Welding System Assessment" are generic and are intended to be applicable to all organizations performing the welding operations addressed in this document, regardless of type, size, and product."

And as per your customer specific requirements as a supplier of welded components you have to do CQI-15. In your case you'd have to refer to Process Table D for ultrasonic welding.
Hope that helps
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