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CQI-15 Welding System Assessment - Robotic Ultrasonic Foam onto Plastic "Weld" applicable?


During our most recent IATF audit, our auditor found that we were not performing a yearly assessment according to CQI-15. This CQI is required by our customer, where applicable. Only problem is we don't have any traditional welding. We use robotic ultrasonic weld horns to adhere foam onto plastic and definitley don't have anyone in the building that meets the requirements for the assessment auditor unless robot maintenance counts. I'd like to know if this CQI still applies in our case. While there is no mention of materials directly in the CQI, next to "ultrasonic welding" in the attached assessment, specifically states "metals". Our auditor is fairly adamant about this CQI applying to our process but I feel it is not clear enough. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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While, I am not an expert in this field, CQI-15, section 1.2 Application, states that "All requirements...are generic and are intended to be applicable...regardless of type, size and product." Furthermore, Process Table D in the same section, specifically calls out ultrasonic welding. Ultrasonic welding is also listed a total of 12 times in the document. The document consistently uses a generic "material" throughout, with few exceptions isolated to types of welding that can only be performed on a metal.

Based on this, your auditor is probably correct in their interpretation. If you still disagree, I recommend that you contact AIAG for their interpretation.


Thank you Miner, for your input. After reading your response I do have to say I agree.
However our auditor got back with us this morning to let us know that since ultrasonic specifies metal in the assessment, he will be voiding that specific non-conformance. He recommended we ask for a waiver for this CQI from our customer, if they approve. Thank you for your help!
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