CQI-9 - Can OEM do Oven Studies?


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We use aging and annealing ovens and do not have the time or resources to devote to doing oven studies on all of them each year. The OEM of our ovens may be able to do it, but they believe they have to be "certified" to conduct studies to CQI-9... Couldn't they do it? I would be involved and with my QMS and Core Tools auditor training I would think we would cover the requirements ?

Any ideas?

Ron Rompen

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My recollection of the exact wording of the standard is not the best, but if I recall correctly, it requires that the auditor(s) be 'competent and knowledgable' to perform the audit.

With that being said, absolutely I would recommend that your supplier ASSIST you in performing the audit - they know the workings of their equipment best, however they will not know your unique processes, and for that reason you should include a competent member of your team to be part of the audit. It will help in preventing 'false' audit nonconformances.
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