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CQI 9 (Heat Treatment) Assessment Requirements - Company and Customer Requirements


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I am trying to get clarification on CQI assessment requirements, my understanding is that cqi's are self assessments
If I have a CQI assessment from supplier X, I should be able to use that for all my customers who use that suppler X.

Ford customer specific for CQI 9 talks about the heat treat processes at each organization and sub-tier supplier manufacturing sites shall be assessed annually (at all tier levels).

How deep does this go? If I receive a component that is heat treated from a vendor that is just a distributer of heat treated fasteners, do I have to find out who supplies the vendor and request a CQI assessment or does the vendor has to maintain a CQI assessment and forward it to me on an annual basis.
Is there a course or interpretation's on this anywhere?

Thank you for any help on this, I appreciate it very much


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Re: CQI Assessment Requirements - Company and Customer - Clarification

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Can someone help??

Thank you very much!
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