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CQI & IRCA not accepting new applications for ATPs (Approved Training Partner)


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Hello all,

We have contacted CQI & IRCA on May, 2018 to learn about the requirements to become an Approved Training Partner. They sent me their relevant documentation and we started establishing a documentation as they require, employed new staff etc. Earlier this week, I sent them an e-mail requesting course specification documents to initiate course material documentation and translation but they answered that they began a full system review and not accepting new ATP application atm....

We have finished all documentation works, ready to apply but we are now shocked and disappointed. They don't say when the applications will be accepted again, just saying to keep checking the web site.... The application fee will also be raised to £4000 from £1000, increasing 4 times!

Is there anyone who has previously experienced such a weird thing with IRCA? Does any of you know how long might this system review take? All of our 2019 plans are ruined now, any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

John Broomfield

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Sometimes we have to wait longer than a weekend for a reply.

IRCA’s website says they are no longer accepting applications but check back in 2019:

Approved Training Partners

Did you plan on becoming an ATP at about the same time they updated their website?

May I suggest, meanwhile, that you continue teaching IRCA certified courses.

Best wishes,



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Dear John,
Thank you for your answer.
We have worked for 6 months to comply with their criteria. We are ready now to apply to become approved training partner, filled the application form. Now they say they have decided to raise the application fee from £1000 to £4000 and not to accept any new application for a while. Such unannounced changes affected our 2019 plan very badly... Human resources, finances, contracts with venues; all will be wasted now... Such a big financial loss...

We cannot continue delivering IRCA approved courses because we do not have such an authority for the above explained reasons...

John Broomfield

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You may find IRCA certified courses to teach by offering your instructor services to an ATP or a trainer delivering their own IRCA certified courses.

It sounds as if you started your preparations to apply without notifying IRCA of your intention to apply.

Does IRCA now expect your application when they decide they need more ATPs?

If not I suggest that you develop a relationship with the person in charge of IRCA's ATPs:

Approved Training Partners (CQI and IRCA Training):

For enquiries, an application form, details of criteria to become an ATP, or to see specifications of individual courses:

+44 (0)20 7245 8606

Good luck,



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We may become a representative of some other ATPs and organize IRCA approved courses but this is not our intention and also not the point.

We have been working for 6 months to comply with their criteria (all these criteria documents have been provided us by IRCA itself). There is no notification mechanism to inform IRCA that we started to work because, as you send the application form, you shall send the whole documentation to them for a desktop review. This means you have to finish all works before you apply. Here are some requirements from IRCA documents:

"An organisation interested in becoming an ATP will be required to complete an application form and submit it with the required evidence to the CQI." The evidences mentioned are the documentation you must prepare to comply with IRCA's criteria, such as:

Complaints handling policy, system for recording complaints and investigation outcomes."

In order to make an application, you must send the application form. In order to send the application form, you must finish the documentation. Now the documentation is ready to send as evidences they required, they are not accepting any new application.

I am in touch with IRCA, it is taking quite a while to establish a communication via e-mail.

I just wanted to know if anyone has ever had such an experience with IRCA, what they did if they had and how long might the system review that IRCA is planning to do take...

Thank you John.
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