CQM - Has anyone taken the Certified Quality Manager's test?



Has anyone taken the Certified Quality Manager's test? If so, would you mind sharing your experience with me? In particular I want to know what kind of materials it is OK to take into the test and what you would suggest. I have the ASQ "Foundations in Quality" modules but what else should I get that would help me?


Bryon C Simmons


Took it back in 1996. It is a very subjective test....lots of thoery; no math on it at all,at least the test I took had no math.

There are alot of "sequence" questions...they will describe a situation, and then you will need to put the actions into the proper sequence to resolve the particular problem.

Biggest struggle is the "constructed response" questions at the beginning. They are closed book....and you are pressed for time.

I used Juran and Gryna, and the Primer from Quality COuncil of Indiana////but really, had very little time to crack a book. It is a grueling test.

I passed it, by the way.

Good luck


Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
When you receive your notification for your seating for the exam, there should be a section outlining what to bring, and what not to. It is my experience that the Wortman Study guides (Indiana Council) are a good source. There seems to be good correlation between the study guides and the exams. Run through the sample problems repeatedly, find the questions you continually stumble on and refer to the book until you understand what the author is saying (you may or may not believe it, but regardless, know what he means). As Bryon stated, time is everything and you probably will have little time to look anything up.

Problem I have noticed: Some of the questions you may stumble on repeatedly may be as a result of prior experience or reading, or understanding. You may also follow another management philosophy. Nothing is wrong with that, but it is important to keep in mind regardless of your own beliefs, you may have to answer a question against your better judjement. This is the subjectivity Bryon is speaking of. In a sense, you study the guide to pass the test. You study management philosophies to find what suits you, adopt from them, and create your own management philosopy. If you try to pass the exam using that, you probably won't. Personally, that is why I don't choose to take that exam. Good luck on the exam next month!
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