Creating a Traceability Database with Microsoft Access


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This is probably the wrong forum, but there doesn't appear to be one directly related to my query. However this forum comes up frequently when searching for posts relating to MS access

I am trying to create a traceability database. I am having trouble with one specific area...

There are two tables, one which lists each device, this then has a sub table which lists all of the movements a device has made, they are related by the serial number.

The one end user has to move around multiple devices and so I have a form which allows direct entry into the movement table with a dataset view. The user first selects the batch from a dropdown menu created from the link back to the parent table, then enters the new location.

This all works fine but it has occured to me that at the moment the database is small; there are only a few items in use and therefore it is quick and easy to locate the item being moved in the dropdown. When the number of devices gets larger this will be more problematic.

My solution is that there is a flag in the parent table which identifies the devices as sold (for the intent of this post), therefore never going to be moved again and so can be removed from the dropdown list.

I can obviously create a query to list the unsold devices but I can't then use the query to feed into the form.

can anyone offer a solution?
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Hello, I noticed that you have said to be working on a Traceability Database in Access. Did it work out? I work in a SME Food Processing Plant and I wanted to have to Create a Traceability Database from Receiving ingredients to Finished Product. However I only know to use system tools. Do you think it is possible to do it?


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Hi jgmanza,

Yes my database did work out in the end - although I still have to find the time to validate it.

I can't see why you wouldn't be able to create a traceability database for your products. Your first step will be to identify all of the information you will need recording; the number of tables that would be best to represent that data and then the links between the tables to link it all together.


Ok, I have some hope now. I will try because I have to begin with 1. Receiving Materials (Fresh, Ingredients, and Packaging) and when I click the Lot number of the product at end, I would hope to be able to query all the ingredients used and the supplier for each ingredient. Yes ur right. I have to follow those steps. Oh man...I'll see what happens.


Could your traceability database be used for a small food (chocolate) atelier, please ? Thanks.
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