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Several have commented (good stuff) on the information 'summaries' I have posted. I've said this before but want to say again that I do not go by the "Only use what is made here" belief. I have relied heavily on Marc's FTP files, DNV Certification Transition info, 'In a Nutshell' books by J. Ketola and K. Roberts, as well as others.

I review information, pool together what I feel is best for my organization, organize it to suit my needs, add what I can from my own knowledge & experience, and then pass it on!

I believe we (subscribers to The Cove) are all of the same thought process - Why reinvent the wheel? and that we are here to share our experiences in the hopes that others don't have to go through the same headaches, as well as brainstorming with others to meet our own needs.

I want to thank EVERYONE for sharing :) and hope that some have found my postings as helpful as I've found theirs!

Best Regards,
Eileen V. Wall
ISO Coordinator
GNB Industrial Power
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Your posts are informative and appreciated. As you said, Marc has set up a site where all views can be brought to the forefront and discussed.

The FTP site is especially valuable and is a good place to get ideas that can be used by a large cross-section of proffesionals.

The members don't always agree, but that is part of the process to promote continuous thought and breaking down paradigms.

By the way, would you respond to the benchmarking matrix? I would like to add your data. Either post or email.


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E Wall

Just Me!
Trusted Information Resource
I printed the benchmarking questions [last Friday] to get answers that I don't have at my fingertips...and promply buried it under other work!

I'll dig it up, post what I can now and edit to include other info when I get it.

Thanks for the remider!
Have a great 4th AL! {And Everyone :) }

I'll be relaxing at home all week :naughty: enjoying the lake & my family. I'm taking on trying to create a ‘clause-interrelationship linking-matrix’ during my relaxation time [I'm sure I won't be able to take a whole week of R&R] and will post for all what I come up with.

We ARE challenge Warriors!
Best Regards, Eileen
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