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Criteria Matrix To Initiate An A3 or 8D

I'm looking for a matrix that shows criteria need to initiate an A3 or 8D. For example, a single event that created $5k - $10k of scrap would require an 8D.

Bev D

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I would advise that you are better off making it for yourself with input from your organization.

Of course one reason is that each organization is at a different place in their journey: for you 5k in scrap may be a lot while for others it may be a drop in the bucket compared to other Problems.

The real reason is that without input from your organization you will likely have little ownership of the problem solving activity. (Who are you or we to dictate what it important?).

My organization does use a matrix that considers the customer experience (defect rate the customer experiences and the severity of the failure on a 1-5 scale) plus the time to ‘off market’ for any adverse event, plus the cost to the organization (service event cost), plus the time lost in manufacturing due to inspection and rework, screening/rework/scrap cost in manufacturing. We don’t have trigger limit. We work on the top X problems so that our resources match the work. If we were to have too many costly top priorities we would have the justification for more resources...cuz you can’t work on everything.
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