Current listings of QS-9000 Section II requirements.



I am trying to update my copies that are listed in section II of the QS-9000 stanfdard, but cannot seem to be able to find a website with the current revisions.

Does anyone know where I can look for a listing?

Al Dyer

For GM you can go to:

They have a search engine that allows you to input the spec# and get the latest revision data. They also sell a software package that contains all engineering standards that is automatically updated when new revisions are issued. (???? but good)

For Ford and DC you might have to contact your SQA or possibly Boise-Cascade, 1-800-421-7676.

Any more input for Ford and DC?



Thanks AL, for your help, but I still cannot find a location where I can check for the current revision of Ford Documents. The Boise Cascade site is for GM only, and Global does not carry these documents. The phone numbers in the Ford manuals have either changed, are are no longer connected. If anyone has ideas, please feel free to reply.
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