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Customer and Company Specific Requirements for notification of Customers of a change in Management or Key Personnel

Sidney Vianna

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Is there a requirement to notify Customers of a change in Management or Key Personnel?
What industry are you in? In the Aviation industry, for example, The Boeing Co. flows down the D6-82479 document to it's supply chain. In that document we read the following requirements:

The Seller must immediately notify the Boeing Supplier Quality Representative (SQR) and Procurement Agent that supports your facility, in writing, of any changes that may affect the capability of the Quality Management System (QMS) to continue to fulfill Boeing requirements or the requirements of the QMS standard. This includes all changes referenced within ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 clause 8.5.3
Clause 8.5.3 of ISO 17021-1:2015 stipulates that key managerial, decision making and technical staff changes are communicated.

So, yes, in some cases, for specific customers, there are requirements for such notifications.
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