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Marc - not sure if this in the right AREA !!! :rolleyes:


WE are receiving more and more requests from CUSTOMERS & SUPPLIERS for information on ISO's/OHSAS/QUALITY/ACCOUNTS/ etc... etc... etc..

I have had lots recently and appear to be relentless

One Customer actually charges us a fee + VAT to sell them "products" - they are a third party - COLLATING THE INFORMATION on behalf of their CLIENTS - SEVERAL COMPANIES (Worldwide - not just UK)

They keep kicking out some of the information that I have submitted !!


I have a day job...

How would you guys feel about a CHARGE BACK from these "COMPANIES" - NOMINAL FEE to pay for my TIME/COST/EFFORT of filling all these CUSTOMER/SUPPLIER QUESTIONNAIRES IN?

If the "COMPANIES" can bill us for SUBMISSION what is stopping us from BILLING them back for our Information?

has anyone any ideas or do you do it already?

Back to the "Olden Days of GET TO GIVE" - It was big in the MIDDLE EAST and may still be the case - I have heard of FRENCH COMPANIES that still give out payments to get contracts etc? Weren't a few BIG Companies fined for this a few years ago !! Is this another way of making EXTRA REVENUE/INCOME?

welcome your input and suggestions etc?

is it just me? or is it becoming TOO bureaucratic and overkill on behalf of EVERYONE involved - do the auditors actually look through this information? Have they time and effort to do so? If the auditors DID actually have time - I'm sure that we would be paying for a few weeks of auditing - due to 30,000 plus Customers etc...

Are COMPANIES just DOING IT for the sake of it?

Apologise too many questions

But it is eating away at my time to do my day job !!!

Yours very BUSY...



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A whole lot of questions...I think all revolving around one: "Why do I have to do all this NVA stuff?"

To that question, the answer is "you don't".

This, like many other things, is a cost/benefit analysis.
If your customer charges you for the right to serve you make enough $$ to put up with it? If not, don't pay.

Send the info to the companies you want to work with...ignore the rest as spam.

You have a whole lot of people with little training tasked with gathering info...and if your reply doesn't fit easily in thier little mental box, the resend the questionnaire they were given. It is easier to do this than to prepare a cogent question regarding what they need. In fact the person asking may not even know what is really needed...they just have a box to fill.

I get about 30-40 questionnaires and requests for info a week...have for years. I even fill out a few a year. Depending on your business, your approach may vary...I have not seen a negative impact of simply ignoring them as spam.


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I dont think that the MD would have that.. some of these Companies take more product... You obviously have your way ! it would be good to junk it... But hey ho...

My question maybe should have been do we charge too?
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