Customer audit demands - that I state in my QM who can shut down production


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I am not intimately familiar with Aerospace...just on the periphery (equivalent of Tier3)
Even so, I can't believe that maintaining a list of people who can yell "Stop!" is required.

Why not simply state that any member of management may halt production for due cause, safety, environmental or quality reasons...and be done with it?

Just thinking out loud...seems like a silly way to handle a silly demand. Funny (sad) how often that happens.


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I'm not current with the latest rev. of AS9100, but I've not seen a requirement like this outside of customer imposition. If you're looking to add this into your QMS I would caution against backing yourself into a corner by stating only X or Y or Z can stop the line.
For instance, if you run multiple shifts and don't always have a titled manager around for those 2nd or 3rd shifts, you wouldn't want to state that only management has the ability to stop the line. It depends on your business and how you want to integrate a newly imposed requirement like this to work for your needs.
I only offer that input since the OP stated they want to add this in, otherwise I'm on board with dsanabria.


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Stating who may shut down production is not an AS9100 requirement.

This practice may be more common in medical companies, but it has been a while since I have worked in medical. However, nothing in the standard prohibits you from adding this to your QMS.

To me, the only time this makes sense is if you have had a problem in the past or if you want to make clear that lower level people, or non mangers, or whatever, at least in certain departments, have the ability to stop production.


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Interestingly enough in some Japanese management systems anyone can stop production if a quality issue is discovered. I can't see why a customer would want to impose something like that on you.
This. It is called an Andon cord and anyone can and should pull it to stop production if they see a quality issue. I don't know where this is stated in the standard that it needs to be explicitly stated in your documents. But if I had to put it in, I would absolutely say everyone not only has the right, but also has the responsibility, to stop production for any quality (or safety) issue.


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If it is a customer audit, then the customer needs to point you to their requirement for this. I have seen a few cases similar to this, where out TM did not really read the fine print, and there were "requirements" hidden in the contract or Purchase Order (usually tacked on to the purchase order so you didn't see them during the quoting stage). Review the documentation with your customer to find any requirement for this.

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