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Pgapro - 2004

Hi all. I am going through my first ISO 9000:2000 audit and I am trying to have all the proper Documents/Forms of course.

Would ANYONE have an example of a customer questionaire and or customer complaint form? Either PDF or WORD would be fine.

I appreciate any ideas..

Thanks in advance...



Which one of the 8 management principles that ISO9000:2000 is based on addresses the vital issue of having the correct forms ?

Pgapro - 2004

Thanks for your help. I was looking for an example that's all.

James Gutherson

Having the correct forms for data entry and the creation of quality records regarding customer satisfaction would fit under (from ISO9004:2000) a) customer focus, f) continual improvement, g) factual approach to decision making.

Matter of fact you could probably fit the other 5 under there as well. Actually, isn't a better focus on the customer the main thrust of the revisions to the standard!

Regarding your request Pgapro, I don't have an example of these forms, but I find these are the sort of thing it is better to generate yourself anyway. Just think about the sort of information you want to collect from your customers and how you intend to use it. Customer reference/Contact details are obvious, then you might want to detemine which product of yours the feedback is about, the type of feedback, a satisfaction index, comments, etc.

Good luck anyway.

Pgapro - 2004


Thanks, mate..

I was thinking the same thing after trying to locate some others that had been generated and not having much luck. I am new to this ISO9000:2000 and quite frankly very much a novice to QC. I have been thrown to the grease as it were and have been trying to locate a sort of template so that I could generate a form of my own.

I just assumed that these were fairly common place.

Thanks again for the constructive post, it helped.


Great James


There's lot of stuff on Customer surveys in previous threads. Do a search for "Customer", read all the threads and you may even find some downloads for the stuff you're looking for! Happy Trails
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Rick Goodson


Let me add my thoughts along the same lines as energy and James. The form should be based on the information your organization needs to gather rather than a generic input form. You might try a variation of 20 questions to help you design the form, it often works for me. If a customer calls with a complaint about a product, what 20 (or 10 or 15, etc.) questions would you ask them? Product identification, whats wrong, etc. Hope that helps.



Pgapro - 2004

Thanks fellas..

I did a search as suggested and came across a couple of examples to get me started.

My original intent was to take a look at how others have done them and then customize it for our company. We are a very small company that doesn't have a huge client base, but does have large companies as our clients. SO, I was trying to generate something that would help me satisfy our Internal Auditors.

I hope I have not been asking questions that have been hashed out here before. I will try searches for my answers in the the future so as to not muddy the waters. :bonk:
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