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Hi - Electronics Company - ISO and AS Registered. SMT & Thru-Hole assembly - Cable Harness. There are a few customers who will request formal corrective action. Its done by 8D and supporting pictures and document info. The problem is the Sales people are constantly telling the customer that we will do a corrective action 8D. This is before we can examine the alleged defect. I like dealing with the Quality Manager/Engineer on a customer requested corrective action. It works better and keeps things straight. The customer Quality people know it must be either approved/rejected and it must be effective. I have never had sales interfere and cause more work than necessary. It cannot be handled by one Quality person. The last four Quality Managers found that out. I feel if the customers Quality requests Corrective Action or there's a trend, then formal CA shall be done. Not instituted by sales people which is not based on customer request. Any opinions?


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Re: Corrective Action and Sales

Congratulations on making your first post, Suture! :applause:

I'd suggest that your organization review the existing process for handling customer complaints. If it clearly says 8D will be done, then Sales is telling customers what the processes says. And if this not the desired process, time to modify it. :)

If the process doesn't say that 8D will be done for ALL customer complaints, this could be a training and awareness issue with Sales. Perhaps it is something as simple as:

  • sitting down with the quality manager and sales leader(s),
  • explain the process
  • outline the concern and what it means to the organization [extra work!] and the customer [possible delays, promises not kept if the 8D is not done, etc.]
  • work on the proper wording to be used by sales when dealing with customers and their concerns
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