Customer Focus - Level 1 Procedure - Addressing ISO 9001 Clause 5.2



Good afternoon everyone.
I'm looking to get some feedback for those that have written compliance to 5.2 Customer Focus.

9001 states customer focus in one line. 9004 describes it like the "Apistle of St. Luke". What are your thoughts on the level of detail appropriate in addressing this element in level one docucmentation? Would anyone be willing to share their written statement on the section?



Mine is really simple


In our QMS, we refer primarily to Clients rather than Customers although ISO9K2K uses the term "customer" for everyone. Our distinction is that a "customer" is prior to contracting (which is basically the whole population) and a Client is someone who has entered into a formal agreement with us. Our duties and responsibilities are not exactly the same.

Anyway, our statement in the QM is just a regurgitation of ISO: Policy : XX top management ensures that Client requirements are determined and are met with the aim of enhancing Client satisfaction. Responsibilities: Top Mgt. reviews results of internal audits on Client need assessment and receives Client feedback data on a regular basis as a function of Management Review, 5.6

It may get dressed up more later, but that's all it is for now.


Customer satisfaction

thanks for you thoughts and pointing me to previous threads.
I think it would be prudent to mirror the standard in context and reference to procedure lines which have more detail like the old 4.3 stuff.
thanks everyone!:bigwave:
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