Customer needs - To evaluate (and indeed to value) outputs


Alan Cotterell

Customer needs

You might be interested in the following gem, I found in a review of the Australian Commonwealth Disabilities Act:
To evaluate (and indeed to value) outputs does not mean that one should or would ignore process, but neither is the reverse true. Each is valuable and important.
To evaluate a program requires some knowledge of the level of unmet need and alterations in that level as a result of the program. Because the concepts of "need' and "unmet need" are value-dependent, it is necessary to obtain a consensus about the meaning to be given to these words and to other concepts used in the development and delivery of programs. It might be observed in passing that demand is not a satisfactory substitute for need, depending as it does, too much on the articulateness or powerfulness of the individuals concerned (or of their agents). Those who are powerless or inarticulate are less likely to make their needs known and if one uses demand as a proxy measure of need, the danger exists that powerless and inarticulate (and therefore unrepresented) groups may not be heard at all.

Laura M

Interesting timing of your post. I've been spending the last 2 days working with Department of Labor and Job Placement Bereau folks on Customer Satisfaction.
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