Customer Part Drawings - Is there any requirement as to where they are kept?


Felix Cruz

Customer Part Drawing

Our headquarter plant (Ogden, Utah) do all the business deal with
customer and then we, the plant in Tijuana, becomes the supplier for that
product. Does QS 9000 call some place for the plant supplier to have the
customer drawing where the product is produced? Or it should be enough that
the headquarter plant keeps it?


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There is no requirement for customer drawings to be kept in a certain place - your company decides where it wants to keep them.

The question that might come up would probably, if any, be in regard to Readily Available. Are documents needed to do a job 'readily available'? Readily Available also depends upon your interpretation to some degree. In assembly, Company A with low turnover and good training may have few working documents at the work station while Company B with high turnover and minimal training may require a lot of documentation at a station. Complexity of the operation can be a consideration. On the other hand, some documents can be 'readily available' if you are in Oregon and the document is in Ohio - where the document can be FAXed or otherwise 'communicated' (Say assembly is in Oregon and purchasing is handled from the Ohio facility. On some occasions Oregon needs a copy of the PO. When that happens it is 'readily available' by FAX). There are differences in the types of documentation in these examples, however the point is you have to take a good look at your definition of 'readily available'.
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