Customer part number for PPAP - Chain of distributors involved - Catalogue items, too



Hello everyone,

I'm new to these threads and have piled on information from PPAP, MSA, and FMEA in the last week as an addition to my job description, so naturally I dont' know a thing, save for the forms to go to the customer.

My question is, what is the customer part number that will be used in the PPAP process when there is a chain of distributors between the manufacturing site and the final customer. I would like to think that each level in the chain would consist of a new supplier / customer relationship and that the next customer (distributor) would fulfill the role of supplier to their customer. However, when the PPAP gets to the bottom of the chain, the final customer kicks it back up through the ranks and responsibility for each part of the PPAP document becomes very foggy and dare i say argumentative. :argue:

Also, we sell a catalogued item which does not change. Yet, we are supposed to write the customer's part number on all forms and documentation? Wouldn't it be so much easier in this chain to just write the supplier part number in all these blanks and let the PSW accommodate for the changes in part numbers from manufacturer to distributor to final customer. (E.g. we write our part number on the PSW, the next distributor writes his, and so traceability). :confused:


The distributor above the end customer requested PPAP from us. And we requested it from the manufacturer above us.


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So - Is the sequence:

You --> Distributor --> Requesting Customer
You --> Distributor --> Secondary Distributor --> Requesting Customer


The sequence is as follows:

Manufacturer -> Our company -> Distributor -> Customer.


The part number may change at every level. The warrant your supplier gives you will contain the agreed upon p/N between you and them. Then the PPAP you supply to your customer can contain whatever P/N is agreed upon then and so on up. When we are either a tier 2 or tier 1 supplier and we are producing a final assy (service part) we try to use the OEM number just to be clear.



Thankyou both.

I'm going to post a separate post on another issue.
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