Customer Prototype Support - 4.4.10 - Accelerated life tests


John Swartz

Customer Prototype Support - 4.4.10

We are manufacturers of automotive paint systems and are registered to QS-TE. We do not prototype anything either for the B3 or anyone else who buys or systems.

We received a minor NCR on 4.4.10 for not performing accelerated life tests as stated. The auditor stated this is a mandatory requirement, regardless if prototype testing being performed or not.

If we do not perform prototype activities, how do I respond to the NCR?

Thanks in advance.


John Swartz

My first post must have been too confusing as there have been no let me try another approach,

How do you meet the requirements of QS9000 4.4.10?


Randy Stewart


I didn't notice your post at first John.
1) Evaluate what your MTBF analysis show you as having the big impact?

2) If it is a purchased part (spray nozzle?) the manufacturer should have the failure rate for you (I know bearing manufacturers keep charts for their products).

3) If it is a manufactured part, you'll need to design a test that will document the projected MTBF. If the part with the highest impact has a MTBF that exceeds the life expectancy or use of the product you'll have to prove it.
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