Customer Referenceability Indices



I am trying to find out how do software companies define each of their customer referenceability indices. For example, if a company ranks its customers as M1, M2, M3, M4 etc. How does it come up with such a ranking. What are the check lists that software implementors/consultants have to do before they could give a customer the highest rating of M1 for example. For a customer to be referenceable, I would assume that that particular customer must be very satisfied with the software being implemented and that significant value (in terms of reducing cost, inventory, time etc)has been obtained from using the software. A referenceable customer would be willing to talk about the product and endorse the product to other potential clients of the company it originally bought the software.
Is there anyone there who works for a software company as an implementor/consultant willing to help me with this question. I like to know how you define each ranking and also what are the criteria or check points that have to be accomplished before a rank is assigned.


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If anyone does know anything about this I'd sure like to know as well.
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