Customer Satisfaction importance in companies with Government/Public Administration as main customer?


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FWIW, my organization doesn't believe in the importance of Customer Satisfaction that ISO enforces either...
...and I run it...and I own it...

I, however, totally believe in the importance of Customer Satisfaction as it benefits long term profitability.
ISO never made a company great, it isn't the standard we aim for.
If we happen to comply with all ISO principles while doing what makes be it... (and we often do fwiw).
Keep your eyes on the prize...and it ain't compliance to ISO...ISO is a tool.

Ninja, I am not sure you read my post or understood it.

The fact ISO is a tool and is not about compliance is the thing we most understand and believe, and the only reason WHY we follow the ISO standard. Our customers do not require ISO standard. We do not make advertisement (no use for us) and say we have ISO.

The ONLY reason we use ISO is for long term profitability.

Nobody understands that the final prize of ISO is long term profitability than companies that are absolutely NOT required by any customer to have an ISO sticker NOR can a customer even choose your company because you have ISO... and yet you keep ISO and spends money annually to have external audits to check your compliance.

And THAT is where my post disagrees with you. Customer Satisfaction does NOT benefits our long term profitability.

My whole post is exactly about that. How in public bidding, satisfying the customer makes no difference for your profitability.

So when your first sentence is about that, my reaction is to think you have not read the post at all, or you would not write about the true reason for having ISO, but how Customer Satisfaction can result in long term profitability in our case.
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Howdy Roger,
My guess is that we are agreeing...but perhaps not communicating.

I serve general industry, automotive and a few government agencies.
General industry: I land business based on both my offerings and on Customer Satisfaction, about 40/60 by my guess.
Automotive: I land business based on Customer Satisfaction alone...then I can peeve them all I want 'cause they're locked in.
Government: I land business based on availability, lead time and low bid. (Availability = me being available to jump through the stupid hoops)

I don't use ISO at all anymore...used to, but not anymore. I use my QMS constantly, hourly...but I don't need ISO for that.
My QMS steers to and accomplishes long term and short term profitability...ISO is a time and money drain, which is why I have to land auto on Satisfaction alone..."That non-ISO company gives us much better service, so we can justify buying from them".

My first sentence was based on "that ISO enforces"... it sounds like we both value Customer Satisfaction where it matters to do so, and ignore it where it has no value...if so, we agree pretty well I think.

Open to correction...
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