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dr madhavan

Customer Satisfaction

My client has a machine shop for machining and thread-roling processes. He receives automobile ancillary components (blanks) for carrying out these processes.
To his customer, he is a single source i.e. the parts machined and rolled are exclusively from his shop and he has no other customer.
Under the above situation, how does he assess 'customer satisfaction' in order to meet the requirements of the ISO9K2K?
He has implemented a documented system for handling customer feedback including customer complaints. Aren't they enough?



Monitor this particular Customer per the procedure. No complaints or feedback? That's good. There will be complaints from time to time. Nobody's perfect. Log them in. Same with feedback. "Great job, Joe" or "Your pricing is getting out of whack". Log them in. You are monitoring your customer's satisfaction. JMHO:ko: :smokin:



Jim Wade said:

ISO 9004 / gives useful guidance on the choices available.

rgds Jim

They have only one Customer!:eek: Did I miss something here? They already have a procedure. I believe they are referring to the lack of different customers to monitor and measure CS. Help me out here. I'm soooo confused, now .:bonk: :ko: :smokin:
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