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Chris May

Dear all,

I have just compiled my latest audit schedule and included some areas that have not been audited for some time.

I am quite new to this company (6 months), so I am still getting my head around the documentation/procedures etc;

I have taken on two audits myself that I think would be "interesting" and "meaningful".

1) Customer Satisfaction.

Apart from a customer complaints log, what other means could be used to monitor this?
For a start I would like to change the name to Customer Feedback Log as this could also contain GOOD news ("Hey you guys are great !! type letters).

2) Management Review

Now, the management are primarily the Directorate of the company. I need to ask a few questions here about this obviously, but I am under the impression that the management review activity takes place during the Board Meeting (top secret stuff).
Has anyone else come across this scenario ??
Could I request seperate minutes for the non secret stuff?

Lastly, how the **** do you audit the I.T. department.
Just an idea that occured to me during a fag break (cigarrette).
A lot of data/control etc is computerised, but I cannot find any procedures etc that cover this key "process".........

Same applies to accounts maybe.....obviously if you mention Audit to an acountant, out come the books (or not).

Help required by the boatload if you would be so kind.



E Wall

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Management Review

Chris, I have an immediate answer to only one of your questions. This is the audit checklist I am using (this is our first internal audit to the 2000 standard). The format for the checklist came from another cove memeber...if you do a search on checklists I think you'll find the thread that has a number of format examples provided.

Anyway...this is what I am using:


  • clause 5 management responsibility checklist.doc
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E Wall

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Customer Satisfaction

Chris, Please don't forget that you have internal as well as external customers.

For all of the processes identified in the QMS you should have a listing of inputs/outputs for each of the process activities (key components). Any output going to another process is essentially going to a customer. For many this will be internal, while a few are external.

In my understanding (how we're addressing it anyway) there are to be goals associated with meeting the customers requirements(internal/external as applicable) as well as all of the companies requirements and objectives. These goals should be SMART (if I remember right that is to say: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Trackabe) and you should be able to use the measurables as a method to review customer satisfaction, as well as complaints, any feedback during 'in-house' meetings (we have a weekly mfg meeting where this is discussed), At-A-Boys, etc....

As for IT Process, has anyone every sat down and drafted what the key components (activities) of the process related to the QMS? If not I would start there, and expand your questions as needed to create an audit checklist.


Chris May



Thanks for your immediate help.............onwards & sideways.



Chris May

Internal Customers

Absolutely Eileen,

Customers are the next in line whether it is a sub assembly or a deliverable.

Our internal customers are catered for via process monitoring of the previous element (SPC), this ties in with corrective actions in real time which tends to work well.

My background has been in Production, Test, QA and Manufacturing Eng (Industrial Eng in the old days, method study, work measurement etc), so understanding PROCESS control, with a machine or cell of operators is easy for me...inputs/process/ probs for me...........but now..

Looking at the QMS as a process is proving a bit of a headache. I realise what you say (I/P's & O/P's) and that would be a great graphical way of showing the QM system.




The customer satisfaction article was excellent. I passed it on to management here in hopes it would help me get through to them the importance of doing "more" than a survey each year.


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How to

Jim Wade said:

Glad to have passed it on, Russ. Thanks for the post.

rgds Jim


Good download! Here's a question:

Item 8. "Niggle Tally Sheet-Run a weekly tally sheet for busy Tele-Sales with columns marked with typical recurring problems, e.g. Miss-picking, shortages, wrong price, wrong discount, late delivery, wrong advice. They are happy to tick a box, but too busy to fill in a complaint form."

1. Who is they. Us or the Customer? I assume it is for use in-house. Just checking.

2. When do these become candidates for CA/PA?

We have just those exact things going on, and more, and are tracking them individually. Customer name, Salesperson, type of problem, Sales Order Number, etc. Each problem requires a report to be filled out and entered into the Database. My intent was to compile them and issue a CAR for each catagory. It's killing me as far as time to work on other ISO related stuff. Since March 29, 2002 until now, I have 119 entries into the data base with 50% due to order entry errors.
If all I have to do is monitor Customer Satisfaction, life would be easier. This is from our Distribution Business dealing with mostly sub-contractors doing residential water systems installations. All telephone sales and 50% are drive in customers. They buy wholesale from us and charge you a bundle to install.

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Thank you, Kind Sir. I like it.

Enjoyed the fly over in London yesterday, with the SST leading the way and the red white and blue smoke. All the Aircraft looked great and the crowd was wild. Were you in attendance?:ko: :smokin:
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