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I am interested in trying to ellict some advise on satisfying the "customer satisfaction" requirement for QS9000. I would appreciate hearing the advice and experiences of others.

Thank you very much!


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I'd do a search here on the forum for customer satisfaction as I know there are some threads here. Or I think there are. Maybe I'm thinking of something else. Basically you can send out yearly questionaires. In addition, look at nonconformances shipped to the customer (a dis-satisfier). Things like that. Any nice letters from any customers telling how good your product is? Customer complaints is another thing you can get a metric out of.

If you stop and think, there are a lot of things you can look at to come up with an idea of how well your customers think you're serving them or how well they like your product.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

I have been asked by our marketing Group to help them with developing a Customer Satisfaction Survey mailer. Just one method we would use to obtain Customer input. Something with a rating scale, like A=Excellent to D=you stink. Does anybody out there have something that this lazy QC person may use to assist them? On the flip side, I have asked them to provide a short procedure/plan citing the various means we employ to meet the "active" collection of such information. I'd be willing to share that when it's ready. If there's something you would care to send, please use the e-mail function in the Topic screen. "Save the light bulbs" Thanks in advance


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New Guy

I'm in the same situation as Energy, can you please send me a copy as well!?!

New Guy

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New Guy,

Just post an email address and you will get a copy.



I've been working on Customer Assessment surveys too... could you possibly send me a copy??

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I'd very much like a copy of the customer satisfaction questionnaire, if that's possible. It's sounds like just what I've been looking for!

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