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Looking for some examples of customer scorecard analysis templates that I can adapt to my organization.
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Re: Customer Scorecard Analysis

hi, what sort of things would you like to include in your analysis?
I get scorecards from 5-6 different customers, there's hardly 2 who have the same parameters. I have to analyze the scorecards one by one looking at the scores in terms of:
- quality (have they downgraded us for any complaints? have they got our latest ISO/TS certificate available? Are they happy with our documentation performance / reactivity?)
- delivery (have they got their stuff on time? have they got what they ordered? are they happy with the delivery terms?)

Some customers will break all these down into scores (some are quite straightforward, some you need a degree for), some customers will give you only an overall score. Some of our customers publish the scores on monthly basis, some by quarter, some by half year, some even by financial half year.

How do your customers publish the scores?
How would you like to use the scores within your own organisation?

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Re: Customer Scorecard Analysis

Some of those things are simple (on time delivery, quality faults per year), others are monstrosities, two page eight font Picasso graph development with both real and imagined errors on the supplier's part detailed in twelve colors.

Figure out what you really want before you go shopping.


Re: Customer Scorecard Analysis

may I also add:
be prepared to question the scores. Don't be afraid to go back to the customer and ask for clarification.

Lots of companies use a SW tool or a calculation method and they don't always publish it. Best method is to have a chat with your SQM and let them explain how they generate the scores. It's a great relationship-building tool too. They can see that you care about their opinion and you can find out what's expected from you.

I've seen some hilarious scorecards in my life:
one of our customers put percentages everywhere and I got '20.000' under quality documentation performance. I went to my boss for a pay rise showing him my 20.000% documentation performance.:magic: Only after checking with the customer, it turned out to be a number of requests that they'd raised to us that year. :(
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