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I have been tasked with finding containment requirements for specific customers (e.g., GM's GP-12 Early Production Containment GM1920).

Aside from the GM standard I am unsure which OEMs may even have such a standard. I'm hoping to find some help here to at least confirm if there is indeed something to find outside of the AIAG requirements for other customers.

Other OEMs I'm interested in are Ford, FCA, Nissan and Hyundai.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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This link is to IATF's site for OEM Customer Specific Requirements. Its a good place to start.

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Ford and FCA certainly have them.

Ford calls it "Early Containment."

I cannot remember what FCA calls it. When we talk to the OEMs we call it "Early Containment" and I've never heard of one of our customer SQs balking about it.

It has not received the treatment it deserves from the AIAG to my knowledge, but across the OEMs it is essentially the same process. In general, the flavor I get from the OEMs is basically a checkbox attitude. They are interested if I am doing it. On occasion, if a visiting SQ is bored, they will really deep dive it and come up with a list of suggestions. Which they typically then don't follow up on. :)

When I push it on my suppliers, I take it a bit more seriously. I have a post about it somewhere, I will try and find it.
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