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Customer Specific PPAP Level 3/4 Requirements - Fastener Manufacturer



Hello. I did search the forum to find info on the following but had no luck.
I work for a fastener manufacturer and we produce many PPAPs for various customers. We provide a standard PAPP package that meets level 3 requirements specified by the AIAG PPAP manual.
We now see more and more customers asking us to submit on their own paperwork (customer specific PSW, dimensional/material report tamplates etc.). We also see requests such as to submit R&R studies using the specific reference being PPAP'd (where we would normally submit a generic R&R study proving the gauge).
Since our standard package meets level 3, does their request make it a level 4 PPAP? Or, based on requirement # 17 (Records of Compliance with Customer Specific Requirements) does it remain a level 3?


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this is a tricky question.
Does the customer tell you which level they want you to mark it as? I've got lots of customers who say 'I want a level 3 with this, this, this and this' so I mark it still as level 3 (if I mark level 4 they'll chuck it back at me).
I'd clarify with the customer to keep on the safe side. If they say they're not fussed then you can use your own judgment.
hope this helps
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