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IATF 16949 FAQ-8
"A way... "if required by the customer" ...", does not mean, that beside,,,, A.1 identified with striking a CTRL+F keys on a keyboard, there are not clauses, which can be linked to customer requirements.
"Organizations are not expected ..." does mean, that auditor is not allowed to raise NC, when document in a such manner was not prepared by organization, but also it does not mean, that organizations must not prepare such document when found convenient by them, e.g. for purpose of proper criteria definition for internal system audits.

Customer to supplier: "Please use this form to describe proposal of packaging standard and then submit for approval."
Customer to supplier: "Please use this packaging standard for delivering parts to us."
There is some difference.
Maybe lecture of,, will result in finding some links.

To help distinguish I propose following test.
Ask yourself - what internal audit type would detect failure to meet this customer requirement?
1. Product audit according to drawing
2. Manufacturing process audit according to control plan.
3. System audit according to standard requirement, especially 4.3.2 and first paragraph of
I limit above audit criteria, but let's take a very lean approach.

1 - it is not CSR, it is CR
2 - it is not CSR, it is CR
3 - it is CSR

Why, internal audit? Because NC was result of 3rd party audit, so it's good to do selftest in a same manner as others test you.

Dear mege83, during quotation stage customer requirements going beyond product specification shall be reviewed too.
Any new activity, including documentation shall be compared to currently, internally used.
If you do, document something and it covers new customer's requirement, in quotation package put remark, you want do it "your way".
When approved by customer buyer, it will limit "diversity" of your future activities and auditor should accept this as wavier.
You have to repeat it again during next quotations, until customer finally will decide to revise own CSR and give such waiver to all own suppliers.
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