Customer supplied material - risk and policy advice needed


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You say handling the customer supplied material is too expensive. Compared to what?

You write because of a problem. Have you actually defined the problem? Once you have defined it, who owns the problem? That is who has to deal with consequences? From your indication I surmise you and the company (management) have to deal with the consequences. Then the question is, do the management want the problem solved? Yes, or "leave it alone"? Then are there any taboo solutions that are not permitted by management no matter how logical the solution may seem?

From your discussion of the customer not believing you ran out of material "already"; is actually a relationship problem that should be ironed out between the firms. In this case the organization leadership who wants to serve the customer may need to approach them and say that once in a while the material for an order doesn't match the needs, and in particular it is a problem when you come up short. The question is what should be done about it? It should not have to be an issue "every time", and cause stress. Maybe there is nothing needed except some positive communication and understanding?


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We treat customer supplied material just like it was material we purchased. Our inspection is mostly ID and damage. If there is a problem, report it to the customer and have them disposition the material. If this results in the order being short it's not your fault since you did what they told you. Keep track of the costs and work with the customer to receive credit.

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