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dr madhavan

My client is a Cutting Tool manufacturing company. The Company receives drawings from various customers based on which the products have to be manufactured and supplied.
1. Should we treat the drawing as a Customer supplied Product (or property)? (Sec 4.7).
2. If not, how should we handle the situation?

David Mullins

As the drawings are provided for "related activities", YES. For example you might register the drawings (a common sense practice even without the standard). Verification of the drawing is also a healthy idea.

You could avoid it if you could prove that the drawings stayed under the cdirect control of the customer, but this is unlikely in most cases (but not all).




I think drawings supplied by customers can be treated as "customer supplied product". But ensure any updates / changes made by customer to the drawings are known to you and you have the latest update of the drawing.

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Customer drawings are Documents of External Origin and must be controlled as same. Calling them Customer Supplier Product is questionable. I won't say you couldn't get away with it, but you will have to be ready to show how you know whether you have the latest revision and such.

Tom Goetzinger

I agree with Marc. While you might get away with calling them Customer Supplied Product, I think you would find it much more beneficial to consider them under your Document Control procedures. The fit is normally better, and it really is critical that you have control of these drawings if you are trying to build product from them.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Remember that the paradigm for Customer Supplied Product is something you use in the process (materials and such), that you use to process (a die) or containers that you ship the product in. I've never seen customer drawings described as customer supplied product.


Question, what if you have drawings that are not customer supplied, but come from an off-site design center. We're registered to 9001 with their design activity, but our facility is more like their customer than anything else. We have their Quality Manual, but their drawings are not listed as one of our externally generated documents.
Should they be? Or, since we're in the same company are they internally generated documents??

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Thanx Marc... I think I should agree that drawings should be listed as document of external origin and there should be a control procedure to check on the latest revision.

Yes AJPaton, Kannan is a very common name in Madras. FYI, in our office I have a collegue who is also named Kannan! ;)


barb butrym

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I have seen both.....I prefer doc control myself.... but it worked in Customer Supplied Stuff in 'contract manufacturing' with drop kits for one...where they are at the mercy of the customer.....and each customer has its own sets of rules....
Had it been my client... I would have approached it differently...but I was the auditor,,,and it worked...

after giving that some would work in tooling as well..especially when you are making spare parts for old machines...and the drawing comes as part of the contract, and travels to shop floor, and becomes a part of the mfg. record....Again...I would prefer 4.5, but it would work there....

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