Customer Survey Software - Software or a web host to perform customer surveys



We are looking to get a software or a web host to perform customer surveys. The surveys to be done would be in part filled on-line, and in part on paper, to be filled in the db manually. We do not want to purchse any software, but would rather use a "per use" fee.

Any body can suggest a company name to do that?


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I believe the folks at do this type of stuff. I have no idea what they charge. I might be interested in the project but would like to hear more details. The internet part is easy - it's a matter of setting up the forms and then dumping the responses in a database. Need more info about the paper end of the project and the number of 'expected' respondents.


EpiInfo may be a good option, it´s free and you can define your oun database.

It's done for medical surveys but it could work on other kind.
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