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I am working in a kitchen cabinet manufacturing firm, we have a wide variety of products both standardized and customized. I am planning to implement a acceptance sampling plan for the rawmaterials, since we have a wide variety of prefabricated products which are machined in our plant and other operations done our quality depends largely on raw materials. Can any one suggest me what type of sampling plan i can use or can i build a customized sampling plan for a group of products. PLZ suggest regarding these.

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The simplest option is to use a standard sampling plan.

  • ASQ Z1.4 is available for purchase from ASQ
  • the almost identical MIL-STD-105E plan is available for free on the internet.
You can read thru MIL-STD-105E and see if that give you some more ideas. This is a sampling plan for attributes (pass/fail type results). If you want to do sampling with continuous data, then there are other plans available.

Hopefully this gives a little start. Feel free to ask more questions - I'm sure someone will answer :)

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A very simple alternative to the AQL for categorical data is to use an RQL plan
AQL is for the defect rate you want to ACCEPT 95% of the time.
RQL is the defect rate you want to REJECT

I have attached a simple spreadsheet that will give you the sample size for any defect rate and confidence level.

An alternative for continuous data is the "Hamilton Lot Plot Plan". Google it and you'll find several references...

see back here for questions soon! and welcome to the cove!!


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