Cycle times, inventory, average values?


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Hello everybody

Im starting to do some VSM analysis and have some questions, could you help me?

For example, I decided, to analyze 2 specific products= A and B

This products are produced twice a month.

I will try to capture data of the work orders belonging to A and B
I also will consider the amount of raw materials coming from supplier within the month.

In order to do a good evaluation, should I have to run several analysis?
I mean to try a least 4 or 10 work orders of each, in order to have more data to analyze? and at the end to have an average of all values
of the total wok orders?
Once I have the average values I may start to draw my initial VSM?
in the average will be considered, cycle times, changover, # of workers, waiting times,etc.
Please give some feedback.


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